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Owner Representation

Converge PM’s sole business focus is construction management and owner representation is our specialty. Our goal is to achieve project success while looking out for owners’ best interests and mitigating their risk.


Construction Management

In our opinion, hiring a third-party construction manager as the first consultant on the project (even prior to hiring the A/E) is a best management practice. A large portion of a construction manager’s value is in setting up how the project will be executed. For example, what delivery method will be used, ensuring a strong contract and administrative specifications are used and properly modified to the specific project, overseeing a best-value procurement process, among other pre-construction activities. Hiring a construction manager after problems have already arisen during the construction phase is essentially damage control (claims analysis) at that point. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


If the owner has existing in-house project management resources, Converge PM can assist with just a portion of a project. For example, Converge PM has worked with a client to develop the contract and manage the bid phase, and after contractor award, the owner manages the rest of the project.


Program Management

Converge PM can manage a program of multiple projects to obtain benefits not achievable if each project was managed separately.


Project Controls

As a function of construction management, Converge PM is adept at scheduling, estimating and cost management. On larger capital projects, using dedicated resources for project controls is a best management practice. On smaller projects, Converge PM’s project manager will perform these duties as part of overall project management.

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