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Construction Project Management


Converge Project Management helps owners navigate the inherently risky world of construction. Whether managing a project from concept to closeout, or just specific tasks such as inspection, Converge PM can scale its resources to support clients' needs. 


Converge PM has experience managing capital projects in many Alaska industries. They have worked in rural, remote and urban regions throughout the state.

Click below for a small sampling of projects Converge PM has worked on.


Whether with Converge Project Management or prior employers, our team has worked with many leading companies in various Alaska industries.


Why Hire Converge PM?

PROBLEM: You have an upcoming construction project, but aren't sure you have the in-house resources to manage it properly. You may not typically complete many capital projects, and thus you may not currently have the appropriate resources in-house; or you may have highly qualified in-house PM/CM staff, but they are busy with ongoing projects. 

SOLUTION: Hiring Converge PM is a simple solution to a difficult situation. Converge PM's sole business is construction project management and owner representation is our specialty. We look out for your best interests while mitigating your risk.

Because Converge PM specializes in construction project management, we have the necessary experience and expertise that is not typically found within architecture and engineering (A/E) firms, whose primary focus is design. Since Converge PM serves as an independent agent of the owner, unaffiliated with the A/E and contractor, we are able to focus on the owner's best interest without a conflict of interest. Although we represent owners, we approach projects in a spirit of teamwork, collaboration and proactive communication. 



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